Teacher training 2016- interesting times

The decision not to make allocations to teacher training providers for 2016/17 will have a number of consequences for Teaching Schools, SCITTs, universities and applicants.

The most obvious consequence is timescale. Providers need to fill courses to pay wages and will now try and maximise income by recruiting as quickly as possible for fear of an early national decision to close all courses. The quality assurance will of recruitment will need to be tight or a large number of applicants who do not have the potential to take on the skillsets of a teacher will be taken on. This will cause tension between providers but more importantly compromise the education of children. 

Applicants will need to apply early for the same reason. In fact anyone considering a career in teaching needs to think about applying now. If anyone is looking for advice please feel free to contact me j.gray@newman.ac.uk My advice will be: maximise voluntary experience; draft your personal statement now; contact your referees now (one academic, one from a school). 

The government were not going to admit that their policy has caused the problem so as always we will work hard to compensate for the policy shortcomings. 


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