Lessons from the election No1

I am writing this before the polling stations close so I may be forced to eat my words. I am assuming that tomorrow morning we will awake to the same government. My belief in this is founded on opinion polls that have barely moved in months and which in recent history have been remarkably accurate.

The first impression I take away from the last few months is that the print media remain politically more powerful than social media. Most of the hashtags of which I’ve been aware have been against either the Conservative party or UKIP. I’ve not seen any #let’shaveDavebackagain campaigns. If newspapers still influence voters more than other media, we have an explanation for why men (and they are all men) are still prepared to rack up large losses in a dying industry. It’s not that the voters are easily influenced but that the newspapers set the mood music and set the agenda for more neutral news outlets. 


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