Football – living within its means

2 items caught my attention on the BBC website this week. The first was about the way Scottish clubs are largely debt free partly as a result of banks no longer extending credit to them. The second was the highlights of the match between Inverness v St Mirren which looked woeful. Reflecting on English football and Birmingham City, it would appear that we fit a similar model (although the mystery around our finances precludes a direct comparison) to those Scottish teams. Without access to money either from the imprisoned owner or credit, the club has cut back on wages and at times that has been reflected in the low quality football on offer. However, all things are relative and the team is made up of people with skill, pace and varying degrees of intelligence. To play football at the higher levels of non- league and anywhere in the professional game, you have to be good. The difference between the higher earners in the premier league is the level of consistency. Scottish football has demonstrated that people will still watch even when the overall quality drops over a season because there is still much to appreciate when a team performs well. Blues have shown that with the right manager and realistic expectations from the fans, football can be a positive watching experience. Unlike his predecessor, Rowett has picked a team balanced with skill, pace and intelligence and changed tactics away from a high tempo pressing game to a system that provides more space for players to pass and run. As fans, until new owners invest, we can hope for but not expect a level consistency needed to challenge in the championship. In the meantime, we have a manager and team who at least offer hope through a style of play that when the team do perform is worth watching


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