Teaching in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Twice on Saturday, in Dublin, people spoke to me about the “trouble” in Birmingham. They were alluding to the Trojan Horse letter. The conversations brought home to me the damage done to the city and the surrounding area by the letter, which so many people believe to be a forgery.

Despite the furore brought on my the letter, Birmingham continues to be what it has been for twenty years: a great place to develop as a teacher. In my role, I spend time in many schools and I marvel at the high quality of the education.  The city has all the issues associated with multiple levels of deprivation compounded by years of under-resourced, poorly led children’s services and yet, in the classroom, you find a very wide range of effective pedagogy meeting pupils’ needs every day. The city’s teachers showcase the transformative power of education and for those starting out in their career, it is a great place to learn deep lessons that will stay long in the classroom.

To that end, I would encourage anyone interested in training to teach in the Midlands to contact me on j.gray@newman.ac.uk


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